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You will love it
because it's fair & transparent.

Your guests will love it
because it's simple.

Your team will love it
because it's easy to use.

With our specially developed reservation system, you can manage your table reservations simply and efficiently and thus welcome more guests while avoiding no-shows. No more stressful calls, no more confusing lists. Everything is structured and easily accessible.



For you as a restaurateur

We want to help you organize your reservations as simply as possible. That's why we invented RESERVE by Skiper:

  • Fast, flexible, clear, and user-friendly

  • Optimal utilization and increased revenue

  • Reservation possibility via website, Google, app, and digital voice assistants

  • Time gain thanks to automated processes

For your guests


Welcome Your Guests
with RESERVE by Skiper.

Your Advantages

360-degree view of reservations and guest data


Our user-friendly dashboard by RESERVE by Skiper allows restaurateurs a comprehensive overview of all reservations and guest data. With advanced analytics features, you can detect guest trends, plan capacities efficiently, and create personalized experiences for your guests. Managing your reservation system has never been easier. Additionally, our free app for staff offers unlimited licenses, allowing all employees to make reservations. Keep track in real time, no matter where you are.

Optimal utilization and increased revenue


Increase your revenue through the efficient use of our real-time booking system RESERVE by Skiper. Always keep an overview of your table availability. Decide flexibly on spontaneous table releases or reservation deadlines. Our system enables optimized utilization of your restaurant, leading to increased revenue. Benefit from improved planning and increased income.

Reservation through various channels


Our RESERVE by Skiper system integrates all important reservation channels – your own website, Google Maps, Apple Maps, as well as direct entries. By centrally consolidating all reservations, you avoid double bookings and optimize your planning. The visibility of your restaurant is maximized through automatic integration into Google and Apple, leading to a higher web presence.

Time savings through automation


With RESERVE by Skiper, you save valuable time through automated processes in reservation management. Our features reduce idle times and increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to automatic confirmation emails and reminders, the reservation process runs smoothly. No more double bookings and a clear overview lead to improved utilization and fewer no-shows. Your guests can reserve around the clock, regardless of your opening hours.

Seamless integration into your website


RESERVE by Skiper offers easy, customizable integration into your existing restaurant website. If you don't have your own website, no problem! Quickly and easily create your individual online presence with RESERVE by Skiper, including logo, menu, and opening hours. Personalize your online reservation system and increase your digital reach.

Intelligent guest allocation


Our solution at RESERVE by Skiper matches your restaurant with the ideal guests. By taking preferences and habits into account, we recommend your place to suitable guests. This reduces no-shows and attracts your target audience specifically. Benefit from transparent cost structures and comprehensive evaluation options. Our dashboard provides daily insights into costs, inventory management, and staff planning. Test RESERVE by Skiper for a month for free and then pay only for successful bookings.

Flexibility for multiple locations


With RESERVE by Skiper, you can easily manage multiple locations. Add as many businesses as you like to your account for free, and only pay for successful bookings. Our system is suitable for every type of gastronomy operation, from the wine bar to the beer tent. Maximize your flexibility and efficiency across all locations.

Comprehensive and individual service


Our support team at RESERVE by Skiper is available to you at any time via email, video call, or WhatsApp – free of charge and uncomplicated. We perfectly adapt our system to the needs of your restaurant, whether it's a small bistro or a large gourmet restaurant. With individual settings for table and seating management, seasonal outdoor areas, and specific restaurant areas, RESERVE by Skiper becomes a tailored solution for your gastronomy.



We were able to install the RESERVE by Skiper plugin with just a few clicks directly on our landing page. It couldn't be simpler, and reservations started coming in directly through the RESERVE by Skiper portal.




Fischer Vroni at the Auer Dult is well-attended. But thanks to RESERVE by Skiper, we now have a reservation platform on our website that meets all our individual requirements. With RESERVE by Skiper, we now have a solution that runs stably and can be relied upon. Not to mention the great support during installation by the RESERVE by Skiper team.


Fischer Vroni


RESERVE by Skiper is as cool as our store. It's that simple. We were able to easily design the plugin to perfectly match our look & feel. And it works too. What more could you want?


Wing Nation


What makes the difference
with RESERVE by Skiper?



Individual Customer Care at Skiper:


At RESERVE by Skiper, the personal, tailor-made experience is at the forefront. We adapt our system to your specific wishes and needs. Through active listening and incorporating your feedback, we design a flexible and adaptable solution. We value the individuality of each user and take personal preferences into account. Our system is designed to adapt to your requirements, showing you: Your opinion counts and is taken seriously.



Flexible Use of RESERVE by Skiper

RESERVE by Skiper is your partner for all types of gastronomy events, from traditional restaurants to large events. We support you not only in your stationary operation, but also in company events, public festivals, and special occasions.Our expertise in event management enables smooth organization and execution of your events. We understand the special requirements and needs of different events and offer you reliable, tailor-made support.





RESERVE by Skiper guarantees personal consultation precisely tailored to your individual needs. Our service team is available at any time via email, video call, or WhatsApp. We offer quick and uncomplicated support for all questions or problems. With our personal consultation, you receive a tailor-made solution that adapts to your requirements, ensuring a smooth operation of your gastronomy business. to guarantee.



Performance monitoring by Skiper

Our performance controlling at RESERVE by Skiper includes regular reviews of your website. We proactively identify optimization potentials and approach you to suggest improvements. Our goal is to continuously improve the performance of your online presence. We offer not just a reservation system, but also comprehensive care, to ensure that your online strategy is successful and your gastronomy business can thrive.


Discover with RESERVE a new era of digital gastronomy. Our platform offers consumers unique convenience, variety, and exclusive offers. At the same time, it enables restaurateurs to increase their visibility, acquire new customers, and optimize reservation management. Our tailor-made solutions, from the online booking portal to innovative integrations into Google and Apple Maps, are specifically designed to meet the needs of modern restaurateurs and their guests.

RESERVE by Skiper

Online Booking Portal

Website Plugin

Reservation Management

Apple Maps

Reserve with Google

Enhance your restaurant's website with our customizable plugin that allows guests to reserve directly on your site. Perfectly aligned with the design of your website, this tool seamlessly integrates the reservation experience and increases user interaction.

Website Plugin


Fair and transparent.

Only when the guest appears at the restaurant, do costs arise for you, so upon successful completion of the booking.

Walk-Ins and telephone reservations, that are transferred into the RESERVE by Skiper tool by you, are free. So you always keep a complete overview of your reservations in sight.

Prices excl. VAT.

No fixed monthly fees.
You really only pay €0.60 per successful booking.

Quarterly cancellable.
Still unsure? No problem. Test RESERVE by Skiper for a whole month for free. Only from the second month do we charge the €0.60 per successful booking.

Our services for you

  • The restaurant reservation system with IQ.

  • Reservations via the RESERVE by Skiper plug-in on your website.

  • Reservations via Google Maps and Apple Maps directly into your personal RESERVE by Skiper portal.

  • Reservations via your personalized page on RESERVE by Skiper.

  • Reservations via the RESERVE by Skiper consumer app.

Comprehensive Service

  • Easy and free setup of your business on the RESERVE by Skiper portal. Regardless of the size, number of tables, or branches.

  • Unlimited access to the RESERVE by Skiper client app for you and all your employees.

  • Custom design of the RESERVE by Skiper plug-in on your website.

  • RESERVE by Skiper is available in German and English, with other languages set up in no time.


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